Top 10 Parenting Apps - October 2018

1. T-Mobile® FamilyMode™

T-Mobile® FamilyMode™

Finally a tool that simplifies parenting in the digital age. FamilyMode is the all-in-one-solution that can help you manage your family’s online habits across devices and network connections. From pausing Internet access for dinner to rewarding good grades with more screen time FamilyMode helps make digital parenting easier.Some awesome features included: MANAGE WHEN THEY USE THE INTERNETSet time limits for your family pause Internet access or give screen time ...

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2. GeoLocator — Family Tracker + Baby Monitor Online

GeoLocator — Family Tracker + Baby Monitor Online

Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLocator is the smartphone app that helps to track your child's movements every day and helps the family keep each other informed of their locations. With Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLocator you can see on the map where your child and the rest of your family are. If you always want to find my kids just install the app.

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3. Porn Blocker (Safe Surfer)

Porn Blocker (Safe Surfer)

At Safesurfer we believe in safe and ethical Internet that helps families thrive.The Safesurfer (Porn Blocker) app runs silently in the background and blocks adult content on all Major browsers such as Safari Chrome Firefox Opera etc.. (Note: that there are still a few browsers that we are working to support. We do not support UC browser).By using Safesurfer (Porn Blocker) you can remove your devices ability to access pornography accidentally ...

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4. Father Daughter Quotes

Father Daughter Quotes

Are you a father? Do you want to express your princess how you feel about her? Do you want for her to know how proud you are? You are at the right place! Come and enjoy with the best family quotes we have compiled for you and your daughter - they are appliable to all ages!. Teach her daily life the best knowledge wisdom - and all your love as well - provided ...

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5. Spy Screen Capture

Spy Screen Capture

Spy Screen CaptureParental Control – Online Monitoring – Kids SafetyWorried about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content through smart phones. Don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you. Spy Screen Capture brings you a complete parental control app which monitor’s all activities on your cell phone and keeps you informed via email.Spy Screen Capture is a free to use app that helps parents to control the amount of time ...

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