Top 10 News-Magazines Apps - October 2018

1. The Guardian

The Guardian

Make space for the issues that matter. The Guardian app gives you breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism. Support independent journalism by upgrading to the premium tier - the most rewarding way for you to experience The Guardian. Set to the pace of your day.With the free app you can:• Access the full range of The Guardian journalism• Stay up to date with live news ...

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2. News App - Pro

News App - Pro

The ultimate News Application template Pro

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3. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

THE PLACE TO ABSORB GREAT CONTENT.Use Pocket to capture the content that comes at you all day long and curate your own space filled with only the topics you care about. Save the latest stories articles news sports and videos from any device and any publisher or app. Then fuel your mind with a reading watching and listening experience designed for calm eyes free hands and fresh focus.SAVE FROM ANYWHERE.Save ...

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4. Bloomberg Businessweek+

Bloomberg Businessweek+

Download the Bloomberg Businessweek app to access new must-read content every day. Customized by region for our global readers in US Europe and Asia the new app allows users to access Businessweek anytime anywhere for insight and analysis on the global stories that matter most. ● Bloomberg Businessweek subscribers and Bloomberg terminal users can access all of the app's content for FREE after linking their accounts. ● Non-subscribers can download the app for FREE and ...

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5. SmartNews: Breaking News Headlines

SmartNews: Breaking News Headlines

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 30+ million readers in 100+ countries!SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now.SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers: NBC News MSNBC USA Today TIME The Huffington Post Bleacher Report Quartz The Verge VICE VOX AP Reuters Buzzfeed Fast Company and more.***Browse headlines quickly ...

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6. News by The Times of India Newspaper - Latest News

News by The Times of India Newspaper - Latest News

The official Times of India app brings you the latest English news breaking news headlines live news alerts from Bollywood News & Photos Cricket Business Travel Gadgets Education & City news updates on the go from India & around the World. Download the TOI news app on your mobile to watch live TV news in photos & videos from across the globe - anywhere anytime!

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7. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

IF YOU LOVE IT PUT IT IN POCKET.Throughout your day use Pocket to capture content that compels inspires or fascinates you. Pocket becomes your dedicated place to absorb the things that are interesting and important to you. It’s a place to read watch and listen to the stories articles news sports video.MAKE EVERY MINUTE MATTER.Whether you’re browsing from bed or breezing through articles on your commute Pocket makes ...

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8. VICE News


Our documentaries video dispatches live streams photojournalism and articles bring you an unvarnished look at some of the most important events of our time.Our journalists travel to hot spots around the globe to shine a light on underreported stories as they happen. We’ve purposely built our Android app to be the easiest way to watch read and share stories—whenever wherever.We’ve included some brand new features:...

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9. Magzter: All Digital Magazines

Magzter: All Digital Magazines

* World's largest digital magazine newsstand with 10000+ magazines * Get FREE unlimited access to 5000+ magazines and premium articles for 30 days * Voted the #1 digital reading destination by readers and top publishers from all over the world Magzter the world's largest digital magazine newsstand with over 10000 magazines in its catalogue will change the way you read magazines. From automotive business cooking entertainment and fashion to lifestyle news sports technology and travel Magzter has ...

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10. 巴哈姆特 - 華人最大遊戲及動漫社群網站

巴哈姆特 - 華人最大遊戲及動漫社群網站

「巴哈姆特」為華人地區最大的電玩動漫社群網站。每日提供最新、最正確的電玩、動漫畫新聞資訊。玩家攻略、達人文章、活絡的討論風氣,讓你玩 Game 更加得心應手。巴哈姆特 APP 針對手機裝置操作所設計,將帶給您更快速、簡單方便的行動體驗。主要特色:◆精選文章「我的精選」蒐錄了所有站上精選文章,方便快速瀏覽,是你上課通勤、忙裡偷閒的好幫手。內容包含 GNN 重點頭條、專題試玩、小屋達人最新創作、哈啦板熱門話題..等。使用者可自訂「精選」內容,忽略不想看的類型,無須登入就能使用。◆自訂首頁自行選擇要顯示在首頁的內容,甚至連哈啦板都能直接設為首頁,建立屬於你的巴哈姆特!◆行動服務行動版站上服務,方便你瀏覽 GNN 新聞、哈啦區、小屋創作等站上服務,更能隨時查找資料、爬板哈啦、與公會成員話匣子、掌握即時通知。◆版型切換圖文並茂列表,讓瀏覽文章更加直覺。另提供單欄及多欄二種版型,供使用者依個人需求,自由選擇切換。◆其它特色稍後觀看為行動版獨家功能,不需要登入,關注文章更加便利。更多特色等你親自體驗!※若使用上有問題或建議,請至巴哈姆特站務中心發表:"Bahamute" for the Chinese region's largest video game animation community website.Daily to provide the latest most accurate video games ...

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