Top 10 Sports Games - October 2018

1. PDC Darts Match

PDC Darts Match

The ONLY Darts App featuring the world’s BEST players! PLUS! full PDC endorsementCome and play against the thousands of people playing PDC Darts Match! Work your way up to become a professional darter and take on some of the world’s ...

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2. FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits

FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits

** Download our new game "FUT 18 DRAFT by PacyBits" **Enjoy this realistic and easy-to-use FUT 17 Draft Simulator but be careful - it's addicting. Build your squad simulate a 4-game tournament and open packs as rewards!- Realistic player ...

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3. Top Soccer Manager

Top Soccer Manager

Now you can enjoy a new version of DREAM MATCH ! Come to choose your favorite National Team and compete with global players for the top spot and win a big prize!***********************************************Do you dream of coaching a team of eleven stars hungry to ...

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4. Soccer Agent - Mobile Football Manager 2019

Soccer Agent - Mobile Football Manager 2019

Play this mobile soccer manager game and GET THE VICTORY! become billionaire recruit players and hire them to make money from soccer world the stadium vibrates with your top football transfers. Recruit the best soccer manager for win the best rewards.In this soccer game ...

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5. World of Cricket

World of Cricket

Welcome to the Next Generation world of Cricket! All the fun and excitement of the Cricket is now in your hands - take your country team to victory & become the world champion star in the best mobile cricket game yet!Every cricket lover can ...

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6. Monster Fishing 2018

Monster Fishing 2018

▣Best fishing game of 2018!▣Try to catch [Real Monster fish]You will receive fishing gears for free~This is the chance to go around the vacation destinations around the world!Go fishing with simple one-touch controls.If you are already a ...

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7. Carpcraft: Carp Fishing

Carpcraft: Carp Fishing

Carpcraft is a real-time carp fishing game that allows you to experience the thrill of carp fishing wherever you are at any time of the day or night.Use your skill and knowledge to catch Carp. Learn our virtual carp lakes find out the best ...

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8. Air Hockey Challenge

Air Hockey Challenge

Challenge various levels! And challenge tons of stages with various obstacles.[Feature]- 4 different levels supported (easy normal hard very hard)- Offline versus mode supported (2 players versus mode on 1 device)- Tons of stages with various maps and obstacles supported ...

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Get a first look at the new gameplay engine new to FIFA Mobile! This is your chance to experience test and even provide feedback to our developers. This helps us tweak our game to ensure we're bringing the best experience possible to the pitch and to ...

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10. 白猫テニス


今度の白猫は対戦だ!その名も「白猫テニス」!「白猫プロジェクト」に登場したキャラクターたちと一緒に全国のプレイヤーとリアルタイム対戦を楽しもう!ダウンロードは無料、面倒な登録や難しい操作も不要!■「ぷにコン」でカンタン本格テニス■スマートフォン操作に革命を起こした「ぷにコン」搭載!指1本で移動はもちろん、スマッシュやサーブも思いのまま!カンタン本格テニスを楽しもう!■ライバルたちと共に上を目指す「タワー」■全国のプレイヤー同士でリアルタイム対戦が可能な「タワー」では「鍵」を集め、報酬をゲットしながら最上階を目指そう!ライバルたちとの激戦を制し、頂点に立つのは君だ!■世界各地を巡り武者修行「ツアー」■もちろん1人でプレイすることも可能!ストーリーを進めながら各地を巡ろう!強敵が君を待っている!■友達とワイワイ「フレンドマッチ」■部屋番号を入力することで、2人対戦はもちろん、最大4人でダブルスも!コートや試合形式も自由に選択可能!盛り上がること間違いなし!■試合を決める必殺技「スーパーショット」■ラリーを続けてゲージを溜めれば必殺ショットが打てる!キャラごとの様々な「スーパーショット」を使いこなし、勝利しよう!■試合中に「キャラ入れ替え」が可能■試合にはお気に入りのキャラクター3体を連れていこう!試合中、スタミナや戦況に応じてキャラクターを入れ替えよう!■「キャラクタータイプ」「コート属性」をうまく使い試合に挑もう■ストローク、サーブ、テクニック、スピード、スタミナタイプの全5種!さらに「コート属性」との相性でキャラクターがパワーアップ!自分に合ったキャラクターで試合に挑もう! ■「ギア」でキャラクターをカスタマイズ■全てのキャラクターに「ギア」と呼ばれる「ラケット」「シューズ」を装備させることができる!組み合わせは無限大!■みんなで作る「チームタウン」■タワーを登っていくとチームタウン機能が解放される!最大16人が参加できるチームを結成し、タウンを強化しよう!さらにメンバーで力を合わせリーグで熱くなれ!

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