Top 10 Entertainment Apps - October 2018

1. AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres

Find out more about the movies you want to see buy tickets access your AMC Stubs account and pre-order food and drinks!• See a Movie: Swipe to see what’s playing now or coming soon to a theatre near you. Buy tickets for a showtime today or get tickets to an upcoming movie showing to make sure you won’t miss it.• Our Theatres: Type in the name of your favorite theatre or ...

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2. Personalized Astrology

Personalized Astrology

This astrology application will help you get in touch with real personalized Astrology.We all read at some time what our sign tells us that will happen. We all wondered how that phrase can match millions of people. The answer is simple does not match or rather is only a small part. A birth horoscope is much more than that.Birth horoscope is different for each one of us and is based on ...

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3. HISTORY: Watch TV Show Full Episodes & Specials

HISTORY: Watch TV Show Full Episodes & Specials

Watch Alone Forged in Fire The Curse of Oak Island Ancient Aliens & more. All of your favorite HISTORY shows are available wherever and whenever you want right on your Android device.The HISTORY app is a great way to access full episodes and clips from all your favorite HISTORY shows. New content is added all the time. The HISTORY app allows you to:•Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite HISTORY ...

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4. RaiPlay


Guarda gratis tutti i canali RAI dove vuoi e quando vuoi: le SerieTV i grandi film di prima serata i migliori cartoni animati lo sport la cultura la musica tutti i programmi di intrattenimento oltre tutte le news e i tg del servizio pubblico italiano.▶ CARATTERISTICHE DELL’APP Per vedere i VOD e accedere gratis a tutta l’offerta RaiPlay e a contenuti scelti solo per te scarica l’app e crea il ...

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5. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji

Sensational emojis and stickers to express emotions and ideas beautifully in your chat conversations- 1000 exclusive high definition emojis and stickers of all kinds to choose from - send them with a single touch in WhatsApp or Messenger- get access to a huge selection of gifs and even create your own animated images- discover many witty message suggestions that can be sent with each emoji- emojis and captions ...

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6. PC GUI for Minecraft

PC GUI for Minecraft

PC GUI is a resource pack which works for version 0.16.0+. It changes the design of most interface menus in Minecraft Pocket Edition to look like the ones in the PC version of Minecraft. Which interfaces have been changed?Down below you can see which interfaces have been changed to look like the PC user interface. Besides total redesigns there is also a new type of drag-and-drop interaction feature for items.Health and ...

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7. Allplay


Данное приложение предназначено для пользователей в Узбекистане.Allplay - информационное приложение позволяющее быть в курсе новинок мировой киноиндустрии. Вы можете отслеживать любимые сериалы и быть в курсе выхода новых серий а также отслеживать выходы мировых блокбастеров в кинопрокат.С помощью функции IPTV - вы можете смотреть телевизионные каналы в сети TAS-IX без дорогостоящих тарифов на внешний интернет трафик. Для полноценной работы требуется регистрация на http://allplay.uzИнформационный материал предоставлен с портала ( с их согласия.Все ресурсы находятся в сети TAS-IX! (Трафик для провайдеров Узбекистана не расходуется)Инструкция по оплате:Доступ к камере необходим для авторизации по QR коду больше мы камеру никак не используем!This application is intended for users in Uzbekistan.Allplay - news application that allows to keep abreast of new products the world film industry. You can track your favorite TV shows and be aware of ...

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8. Watch, Share, and Play Games Watch, Share, and Play Games

Be among the first to try the place for all your gaming interests where you can: * DISCOVER a universe of gaming content personalized for you* CONNECT with gaming creators and find your community * PLAY games instantly with the people you care about including Everwing Words with Friends Basketball FRVR and more!This app is compatible with Facebook data plans. Privacy Policy:

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9. Imgur: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos

Imgur: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos

Imgur is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet with everything from funny pics of pets to funny GIFs from movies and TV shows LOL pics awe-inspiring science facts puns comics and art upvoted by people like you. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and make you LOL your pants off - is that an expression? It is now.Imgur isn’t just the best meme app or GIF viewer on the ...

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10. Talking Pretty Girlfriend

Talking Pretty Girlfriend

This AI powered Talking Pretty Girlfriend can talk or chat to you without being get bored. Below are the features:--------------------------------* She is well trained for your interactions.* She can talk to you.* She can do text chat with you.* Designed for better user experience.* Multi language support .This app is designed to entertain you and gives you a company when you find you get bored.

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